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North Carolina State Council Information

We are…

  • Actually “Turnin-The-Dirt”™ with hands on projects performed by local chapters and members working with landowners and government agencies.
  • Maximizing all conservation dollars and putting those dollars to work for all upland wildlife species in the local communities and throughout the state of North Carolina.
  • Working very closely with North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission staff, to further develop partnerships with our chapters on a local and statewide scale with common wildlife objectives for improved wildlife habitat and populations.
  • Including several new possible habitat demonstration areas for improved wildlife habitat through a new partnership between local QUWF chapters, the QUWF NC State Council, NCWRC Private Land Program and other county agencies with local NC partners.
  • Working through several partnerships to further conservation efforts on the landscape of NC, including participating in 2012 Farm Bill Initiatives and meetings regarding recent Farm Bill efforts in NC through joining and partnering with the NC Camo Coalition in 2011, www.nccamo.org.
  • Working closely with staff from, and joining as a member of, the NC Wildlife Federation www.ncwf.org to further develop wildlife habitat efforts and conservation goals and objectives of the various member organizations statewide in NC.
  • Working closely with staff of all partners to make sure NC wildlife resources are kept on the forefront of the rapidly changing landscape through meetings and discussions of Land Management, Wildlife Conservation Lands Programs, Private Lands Programs, and Stewardship Programs. QUWF chapters / members / landowners on the USDA / NRCS NC State Technical Committee.
  • Working in concert with partners to maximize efforts on the NC landscape by implementing programs for landowners and chapters such as food plot and seed distribution for habitat restoration for upland wildlife, landowner hosting field days, outdoor expos, youth and mentor hunts, youth scholarships, field trials, NC State Council Meetings, hands on habitat equipment demonstrations, and much more.
  • A conservation voice and leader at the local, state and national level.
  • Staff participation, NC state council, and dedicated QUWF chapter representatives serving on NC conservation committees and USDA NC State Technical Committee.
  • Member of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee (NBTC) also serving on numerous other National Committees alongside NCWRC staff/leadership on the 2012 Farm Bill Initiatives that directly affect NC wildlife and habitat resources.
  • North Carolina State Council Mission, here to serve those striving to improve and educate youth by involvement in wildlife conservation

You can make a positive difference. Establish a chapter in your area.
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